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Models of Discipline

About this Section

The Models of Discipline section within Teacher Matters is devoted to providing information on how to manage those day-to-day classroom discipline issues by presenting nine popular theoretical models of discipline:

  • William Rogers
  • William Glasser
  • Rudolf Dreikers,
  • Fredric Jones
  • Fritz Redl & William Wattenberg,
  • Jacob Kounin,
  • Lee and Marlene Canter,
  • Hiam Ginott
  • B. F. Skinner

Each model presented above has a ‘how to apply the model summary’ provided at the end of each article.

To assist you in understanding your approach to discipline, Teacher Matters has also created a self analysis tool which will assist in discovering what discipline approach you tend to favor. The tool is called the Discipline Beliefs Inventory and is based on Wolfgang and Glickman’s research.

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