Models of Discipline

Models of DisciplineThe Models of Discipline app focuses on providing practical and helpful information on how to manage day-to-day classroom discipline issues. Nine popular theoretical models of discipline from some of the leading contemporary behavior management and discipline theorists are included in this app, they are:

  • William Rogers
  • William Glasser
  • Rudolf Dreikers
  • Fredric Jones
  • Fritz Redl & William Wattenberg
  • Jacob Kounin
  • Lee and Marlene Canter
  • Hiam Ginott
  • B. F. Skinner

Each of the models included in this app describes:

  • Key ideas about the model
  • Information explaining the model
  • General comments about the mode
  • Finally, a section on how to apply the model in a classroom setting.

This app is suitable for use on all Android and iOS devices and may be downloaded from:

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