Roles of the Teacher

Roles of the TeacherThe Roles of the Teacher app focuses on the various functions or roles teachers are expected to carry out within the classroom. These roles change depending on the expectation you have of students. There are five roles that teachers fulfill in classrooms, they are:


The organizing role involves teachers in making arrangements and developing an orderly structure, which will unify all elements in the classroom into a coherent and functioning whole.


Controlling is the process by which teachers ensure that the learning activities and behavior of children in the classroom are consistent with the objectives, expectations and plans of both teachers and school.


Whether it be the start of the school year, the commencement of a new term or the start of a new position within a school, effective teaching, learning and classroom management depend on effective planning.


Motivation is a vital factor in the teacher’s management of learning and behaviour in the classroom.


Learning and teaching in the classroom predominately take place through interpersonal communication between teachers and students.

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