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What is your Classroom Management Profile?

Is your classroom management profile Authoritative, Authoritarian, Laissez-Faire or Indifferent? By underaking this quick quiz you will gain an indication of what particular profile you have a leaning toward.

To discover what your Classroom Management Profile is simply follow the directions below.


Answer the following 12 questions to learn more about your classroom management profile. The steps are simple:

  • Read each statement carefully.
  • Respond to each statement based upon either actual or imagined classroom experience by clicking on your preferred option.
  • Then simply click the submit button to find out your classroom management profile.

The scoring for the profiler is as follows:

1 = Strongly Disagree     4 = Agree

2 = Disagree     5 = Strongly Agree

3 = Neutral


What is your Discipline Beliefs?

Teacher Matters presents an interactive self discovery analysis tool to assist in discovering what discipline approach you tend to favor. This analysis tool is based on Wolfgang and Glickman’s Beliefs on Discipline Inventory (1995).

While teachers entertain a wide range of beliefs about discipline, beliefs may be placed into three broad categories;

  • The Interventionists (where teachers use Rules/Rewards-Punishment),
  • The Non-Interventionists (where teachers value Human Relationships and Listening), and
  • The Interactionalists (where teachers Confront, Contract and Negotiate).

All three approaches are essential and teachers ideally blend skills from each approach to perfect a balanced disciplinary style. Complete the survey below and find out which of these three approaches you tend to favor and discover the skills you need to improve upon to help you achieve better results in the classroom.


Instructions: For each item below select either the first or the second response. If you are uncertain, choose the response that is closer to your belief about how you teach, by clicking on the button next to that response.

How aware are you of Behavioral Problems?

The following quizzes are designed to make teachers rethink some of the basic classroom management and discipline concepts that may have simply been forgotten about. They are also designed to create an awareness of how teachers might approach some behavioral problems.

The Teasers cover topics such as

  1. Behavioral Consequences – Take the quiz
  2. Behavioral Goals – Take the quiz
  3. False assumptions – Take the quiz
  4. Praise versus Encouragement – Take the quiz


What is your Teaching Style?

Just as people have individual learning styles, teachers have teaching styles that works best for them. It is important to be aware of your preferences when creating and delivering online instruction.

One way in which teaching styles can be categorized is as:

  • formal authority
  • demonstrator or personal model
  • facilitator
  • delegator

Do you know what type you are?


Simply answer 9 questions to learn more about your Teaching Style.