Creating a Discipline PlanThe Teacher Matters Creating a Discipline Plan App is another in the series that focuses on teaching methods and strategies designed to assist teachers in developing skills in managing a range of classroom management and behavioral problems.

Discipline and classroom management is probably the most taxing aspect of a teacher’s role. Make no mistake about it; our job, our craft, is not merely teaching curriculum content (literacy, numeracy, science, art, etc.), it is managing a group of disparate individuals so that learning can take place. The better part of our teaching role is to lead, guide, direct and enable students to govern their behavior so that each student can cope with, even enjoy, their life within the social mix called school.

Discipline is essential if students are going to learn unhampered by annoying, aggravating or hostile disruptions. When discipline is effective the teacher is enabling the maximum enjoyment of due rights by all (including the teachers fundamental right to teach) by enabling students’ due responsibilities¬≠ no mean feat.

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