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False AssumptionsFalse Assumptions

Perceptions about the underlying cause of behavioral problems are mostly based on false assumptions. “She comes from a one parent family”, or “His parents are not well off” assumes that a particular behavioral problem may be attributed to a socio-economic or family background. This may be far from the truth.

This quiz contains some examples where false assumptions may be made.

Instructions: Simply click on your choice from the options provided

Instructions: In this quiz there are 4 questions with multiple answers. Simply click on the answer you think is correct, then on the ‘Show Answer’ button to find out the correct answer. When you have finished the quiz your results will be displayed.

1. Which teacher creates a feeling of inferiority in John who has just received 70% in his English exam?



2. Robert does not open his reading book until you have told him two or three times and have threatened punishment. What is his likely life style?



3. Which teacher knows about the purpose of behavior?



4. What principle is the teacher violating when she confronts a third grade child at recess time: ‘Nathan, you know that it is wrong to steal from other children’s lockers’.