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Teacher Teasers

Whether you’re a student teacher, a first year teacher or a veteran, why not take the following fun quizzes to refresh some of the basic classroom management and discipline concepts that we may have just simply forgotten about.

The quizzes cover topics such as Behavioral Consequences, Behavioral Goals, False Assumptions and Praise versus Encouragement.

Behavior GoalsBehavior Goals

Teachers need to constantly remind themselves that they are the targets of disturbing classroom behavior. Part one of this quiz looks at matching a behavior with the form of power goal. Part two focuses on how a teacher might feel about a student’s misbehavior.

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False AssumptionsFalse Assumptions

Perceptions about the underlying cause of behavioral problems are mostly based on false assumptions. “She comes from a one parent family”, or “His parents are not well off” assumes that a particular behavioral problem may be attributed to a socio-economic or family background. This may be far from the truth. This quiz contains some examples where false assumptions may be made.

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Behavioral ConsequencesBehavioral Consequences

Few would argue that a major task confronting our schools is to induce individuals to behave responsibly and to demonstrate a degree of self control.

To assist in understanding the differences between punishment and behavioral consequences, this quiz asks you to make a choice whether the teacher used logical consequences (LC), natural consequences (NC), or punishment(P).

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Praise Versus EncouragementPraise Versus Encouragement

The words and actions of teachers can act as encouragement when the focus is on the learner and the process of learning, or they can act as praise when the focus of teacher attention is on the product or outcome of learning.

This quiz focuses on a number of statements, you are asked to make a choice on what you think the statement is. Is it encouragement or praise?

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